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MMR reviews and other "piano of the year" type awards.

There are many dealer type awards that will be SHOUTED BY THEIR DEALERS FROM THE HILLTOPS that make it seem like the instrument was voted as the best playing or built piano out of all pianos available. This couldn't be farther from the truth. Whenever you see a dealer award for "Piano of the Year" or "Piano line of the Year." Keep in mind that this is voted on by the dealers (some who don't even play the piano) and these lines have been voted as such in their industry for the following reasons. PROFIT MARGIN, PRODUCT ADVERTISING SUPPORT, CO-OP, INVENTORY, DELIVERY, and FAVORABLE DEALER PRICING AND PAYMENT TERMS. The MMR award winners are the lines that do the best for the dealers. The winners sell a lot and produce good margins. In the 2012 MMR awards for example, Gibson Les Paul guitars took the top spot from Fender Stratocasters. Neither of these guitars have changed significantly in 40 years. The only thing that changed was margins for the dealer along with perhaps guitar fashion and or Gibson getting aggressive with incentives/dating/pricing/getting the product into the popular bands hands.

It is much more beneficial to listen to the piano and not the supposed hype surrounding a certain product.

Charles R. Walter Pianos

Featured Piano Review of the Month

Charles R. Walter Pianos

One of the finest hand made pianos of our day. I would dare to call them the Steinway of the 21st Century. These pianos are built with the utmost attention to detail and maintain the supremecy of the American made pianos. Although their vertical piano only stands 43.75 inches high the Walter piano uses the same length strings as a 5'8"baby grand and has a better sound than most 52" upright pianos. The quality of materials is top notch and with the ever increasing Euro, the Charles R. Walter pianos are the best deal in a piano today!

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